How to Create a Playlist for Your Event

Whether it’s a corporate event, a wedding, or a birthday party, every good event needs some sort of background music. Creating your own playlist is a simple and easy way to set the intended mood and create a soundscape that is truly fitting for the occasion. While it seems like a big undertaking, it can be a fun way to personalize your event and ensure the perfect soundtrack is always playing. 

How to Curate the Perfect Playlist for Your Event 

Studies have shown that music has the power to alter moods, can contribute to social cohesion, decrease anxiety, help you focus, and even improve your memory. Most people respond to music on an emotional level, it can evoke feelings, create memories, and make us feel happy or sad. When you begin cultivating your playlist, you should consider your party’s theme, the guest list, and the venue setting. Are you hosting a kid’s birthday party in the backyard? A bachelor party? A formal dinner at a rented facility? A garden wedding? The mood, location, and type of event and guests should all be considered when you begin to add songs to your playlist. 

Music is multigenerational and can speak to a variety of crowds from totally different backgrounds and ages. Embrace the crossover of genres, and be sure to play songs that you love mixed with tunes that will resonate with your group of guests. One of the hardest parts of hosting a party is creating an environment that guests not only enjoy, but feel involved in as well. Music tastes vary, which is why it’s important to craft a playlist that encompasses a variety of genres. 

Gone are the days of actual mix tapes, so in order to make a playlist, you’ll need to choose a platform to create it on. Here are a few of the most popular music streaming platforms:

Each of these platforms hosts millions of songs and allows you to easily organize them into your 

own playlist, or find playlists created by other people that you can use. The free versions of these apps usually play ads, so make sure to sign up for an ad-free version, at least for the month of your event. Also make sure that your playlist is available offline so you won’t have any tech issues. If you’re using a streaming app, you can simply download the playlists beforehand so you won’t need internet access to play them.

How to Choose Music for Your Event 

The music you play will set the tone for your whole event. If you’re planning a dinner party or fundraising event, you’ll likely  want soft, classical music that makes your guests feel calm and comfortable. On the other hand, if you’re planning an energetic work mixer, you can add electronic music or pop hits to your playlist. Music that’s a little more upbeat and louder will create some energy and encourage coworkers to participate and speak up.

Music has a strong correlation to memories and mood, and whether you choose a DJ or live band, make sure their playlist and style match the atmosphere you want to create. While you may assume you need to provide a ton of guidance to ensure they get it right, remember that they are experts at creating a mood and an energy at events. Give them guidance on your preferences, including a list of absolute no’s if you have them, but allow them to lean into their experience and expertise.

You may have collected the best tracks for your gathering, but without the right sound, no one is really going to enjoy it. To get optimal sound at a reasonable volume, you’ll need to customize your volume settings, and have it play at varying levels based on music genres. If you’re opting for a DIY approach to your event, you might need to rent the equipment you need for professional level sound and make sure your venue can accommodate it. 

Background music doesn’t  just fill the otherwise awkward silences or mask strangers’ conversations, it sets the tone for your event. If you’re planning an event in Hershey, Pennsylvania, consider Historic Acres of Hershey. We have multiple spaces to accommodate groups of different sizes and a list of vendors to ensure your gathering goes off without a hitch. Contact us to learn more about our lovely venue.