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From kid’s birthday parties to 50th birthday parties, we’ve got the perfect venue!

Celebrating a birthday may happen every year, but that doesn’t mean the birthday party has to be celebrated the same way every year. Whether it’s a milestone birthday for a child, a family member, or a close friend, birthdays represent a time to celebrate someone’s impact on others.

Planning the party can be quite the task regardless of who the party is for. We know there are usually four big things on your list:

  • Budget
  • Theme
  • Guest List
  • Birthday Party Venue

At Historic Acres, one of Hershey’s top birthday party venues, we are a great solution for one and can help with two others as well! Our team has decades of experience helping plan parties of all shapes and sizes. We’ve helped plan birthday parties for people of all ages and we’re here to help make your party planning a little less stressful.

Historic Acres is the choice for your birthday party venue because of it’s variety of sizes and options for spaces. Looking for something smaller and intimate with just close family? We’ve got a space for that. Looking to have a huge birthday party bash to celebrate someone’s 50th birthday? We can do that, too. We can accommodate almost any size guest list.

In addition to helping ease the stress of finding the right venue, our team can help you with catering, decoration, and much more. We have connections with many vendors and can help you get the best deals for parties in Hershey, PA.

Remember this isn’t our first time around the block planning a party. Be sure to check out our venue coordinator’s tips for planning a birthday party in Hershey below!

Birthday Party Planning Tips Straight From the Venue

Set a Budget First

As soon as you know that you’re going to throw a birthday party, try and figure out your budget. Your budget impacts every decision from here on out and the last thing you want to do is have to change something else because you didn’t budget properly. Be realistic with what you can afford, but also remember that there are plenty of DIY options for decorations and things to do at the birthday party.

Choose Your Theme

Consulting the guest of honor for what type of theme they would like is a great place to start. Just ensure that the theme is consistent throughout the party, including food, invitations, gift bags, and decor. You can find DIY decor ideas just by searching your theme online!

Picking the Proper Birthday Party Venue

If you’re looking to go all out, or you just need more space than your home, we would love to accommodate you at Historic Acres.

Lay Out the Guest List

Always consider the guest of honor when choosing a guest list if the party is a surprise, or write the list with them if it is not a surprise. Be sure you have included all the special people in your life. Your guest list will play a big part in your budget because you will need to factor this count in when you are choosing a menu and beverages.

Send Out Invitations

Once you get the size of the guest list laid out you’ll want to send out invitations. If your party is themed, be sure that the invitations match. You can send invitations by mail or electronically, but remember to include all the necessary pieces of information for the party on the invite. You’ll also want to give plenty of lead time to let people RSVP well before the birthday party so you can plan out the last steps.

Food and Drink

Once you have a finalized guest list, planning food and drink becomes much easier. Most birthday parties are best suited to buffet-style food options and some snacks that can be picked up at larger retailers or created at home. Don’t forget that if you need assistance with catering, our team has the necessary connections to help.

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