8 Wedding Trends in 2022

Wedding trends in 2022 embody creativity, personalization, and vibrancy. Weddings seem to get more and more unique each year as couples opt for ceremonies that suit their personal taste and style rather than tradition, and we’re here for it. While we love the beauty of a classic event, the newest wedding trends in 2022 are an exciting opportunity to shake things up. If you’re planning your wedding, consider a few of our favorite trends this year.

Wedding Trends in 2022

Intimate Weddings

The idea of a traditional wedding got turned on its head in 2020, giving couples the flexibility to create their ultimate dream event. For many, that means an event without a massive guest list. Think cozy and intimate settings that feel more like a backyard gathering than a reception. 

Big Parties

While some are opting for small, intimate gatherings, others are ready to party in style! Big celebrations are simultaneously in trend in 2022 as more couples want to share their love with as many people as possible. Have a big blowout blast and let loose with your loved ones! At Historic Acres of Hershey, our wedding spaces can accommodate up to 260 guests. 

Unique Table Decor

Weddings are an opportunity for couples to truly show their creative side, and there are no rules when it comes to table decor these days. Bright, colorful decor is also in style this year, so consider letting loose with your palate to embrace joy and cheerfulness. 


Weddings can be wasteful sometimes, and many couples are taking initiative to ensure they reduce the imprint of their big day. Think seedling paper for place cards, vintage decor, paper straws, eco-friendly wedding flowers, virtual invites, and more. Sustainable wedding ideas extend beyond the main event– consider donating decorations and even your wedding dress. 

Monochromatic Color Schemes

Monochromatic color schemes of greens or orange hues are earthy and modern at the same time. These wedding color schemes are great for bridal parties and decor, making everything match without being identical. It’s cohesive without being bland. This is a great solution if brides are giving wedding party members the freedom to choose their attire for the evening as well! 

Indoor/Outdoor Event Spaces

Outdoor weddings are always popular, and even more couples are opting for the open air flow that an indoor/outdoor wedding space provides. At Historic Acres of Hershey, our Pavilion is fully enclosed with glass doors that can open to bring the outdoors inside. This is a great option for mild weather events while having the protection against inclimate weather. 

Outside-the-Box Wedding Attire

Does the idea of white wedding gown bore you? Well, it seems many brides are feeling the urge to think outside of the box with their fashion. You can opt for a wedding gown that is a slightly different hue or get bold with bright colors and vivid attire. Couples are considering high fashion and eye-catching fashion, which makes for absolutely stunning photos. 

Full Weekend Events

Why limit your nuptials to one day? Full weekend weddings are a fun excuse to get your loved ones together for not only your big day, but also other activities. Hershey, PA is a great location for a weekend getaway! Enjoy family-friendly attractions, amusement parks, museums, and stunning natural surroundings. 

Plan Your Hershey PA Wedding at Historic Acres

Historic Acres of Hershey offers a stunning natural setting for weddings big and small. Our property boasts a pond and beautifully manicured gardens surrounded by a lush green forest. If you’re planning your wedding in Hershey PA, contact our team to take a tour and receive more information.