8 Wedding Dessert Ideas

Are you searching for wedding dessert ideas that are out of the norm? While everyone loves a good cake, there are so many other desserts to consider. From pies to whoopie pies, there are no rules when it comes to serving up delightful sweet treats for your guests. You can make it easy for your guests to grab a dessert between songs or stick to the traditional post-dinner dessert while guests are still seated. 

Wedding Dessert Ideas

Think outside of the box with these wedding dessert ideas for your big event. You can customize them all to suit your taste and style.


Great for fall weddings, pie is a cozy and delicious dessert to serve at your wedding. From fruit pies to cream pies, there is a variety of flavors to serve giving guests options to choose their favorite type. And, don’t forget the ice cream!


Donuts are fun and easy to grab and go. You can have both standard donuts and donut holes so guests can choose their ideal serving size. There are so many fun ways to display donuts as well! Have some small to-go bags ready for guests as well who may want to bring a donut home for breakfast in the morning.

Cake pops

Cake pops are easy to display and eat without making a mess! Kids and adults alike will love cake pops and they are great for guests who don’t want to spend too much time away from the dance floor. 


Churros are a fun alternative similar to donuts. The cinnamon and sugar coated fried dough is a Spanish and Mexican dessert that has gained popularity as street food, and as a wedding dessert! They are perfectly sweet and easy to eat. You can serve up different flavors or have sauces available to customize.

Ice cream or gelato

Great for summer weddings, ice cream or gelato are classic desserts that everyone loves! You can either serve it with dinner as everyone is seated or have a table set up for guests to choose their flavors. You can even have toppings and cones to make guests feel like they’re at a real ice cream shop.


A display of beautiful chocolates is not only great for photos, but is perfect for everyone. Consider a variety of chocolates, truffles, dipped fruit, or even fudge. Make sure to label each kind so guests know what they are biting into!

Whoopie pies

Delicious and hand held, whoopie pies are a great alternative to cupcakes. These can be pre-packaged so guests can save them for later, or you can display them similar to a cake. 


Who doesn’t love s’mores? At Historic Acres of Hershey, we have a bonfire pit to roast the perfect marshmallow and craft the ideal dessert. S’mores are both fun and nostalgic!

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