How to Plan an Engagement Party

An engagement party is a fun way to gather your closest friends and loved ones together to celebrate the momentous occasion. Engagement parties also don’t come with the traditional planning and, sometimes, the stress of weddings. So, however, you decide how to plan an engagement party, be sure it’s fun and full of love. 

How to Plan an Engagement Party

It can be tricky to plan an engagement party, especially if the question hasn’t been popped quite yet. However, this type of event offers a couple the perfect opportunity to celebrate with the friends and family most dear to them. You can plan an event for the night of the engagement or in the weeks or months following. Whatever you decide, here are a few considerations to pull off the perfect post-proposal party.

Determine the Details of the Event

Just like any party, you’ll need to determine the guestlist, date and time, and venue. And unlike a bridal party or wedding, an engagement party is truly just a party! While you can always plan games or activities, guests will likely expect a less formal evening so be sure to have fun with it.

Share the Highlights of Your Relationship

Your engagement party is a great opportunity to share the love that brought you to this moment. Collect photos in an album or to decorate a table so that guests can see the journey. Have images of your engagement on hand so everyone can feel like they were there when it happened.

A note for the newly engaged: Get a manicure before the event as your hand will likely be photographed all throughout the night! 

Plan When to Have an Engagement Party

It’s the best (and most fun!) to have your engagement party shortly after getting engaged. Some couples will love going to a party with their friends and loved ones on the same day of the engagement, while others may prefer a bit of a buffer. 

If a family member or friend is planning the engagement party, be sure to have a solid idea of the couple’s desires and plan ahead. It might take a bit of secretive work to manage schedules and block off the couple’s time without raising suspicion, but it’s worth it. 

Find the Ideal Hershey PA Venue for the Happy Couple

If you’re searching for engagement party venues in Hershey PA, consider Historic Acres of Hershey. Our stunning property features three spaces for events surrounded by lush nature and greenery. The fire pit and the Coop at Historic Acres are two perfect and unique settings for an engagement party for small-to-mid-sized groups. The Pavilion can accommodate larger groups. 

Contact our team for assistance in planning your event with us or to tour our beautiful property in Hershey, PA!