Engagement Parties

Host Your Engagement Party in Hershey at Our Beautiful Venue

Whether you just got engaged or you’re throwing a party for someone who did, planning an engagement party is a great opportunity to test out some event planning skills or prepare for planning out a wedding.

Engagement party venues, guest lists, what day of the week to have it on, sending invitations, the food and drink menu…the list just goes on. Oh, and did we mention the budget?

Your dream engagement party starts with choosing a beautiful venue.

Once you decide whose family will host the party, the time and place are next. Choosing an engagement venue is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

While Historic Acres is one of Hershey’s best wedding venues, it’s also perfect for engagement parties because of its versatility. We have picturesque scenery, multiple spaces available to match any sort of formality you’re looking for, and more than enough space to accommodate engagement parties of any size.

Our team is also more than able to help you with the planning process. We can put you in contact with many of our vendors for catering and food options. We’ve also put on more than our fair share of engagement parties so check out our tips below on planning a perfect engagement party.

Engagement Party Planning Tips for You

Choose Your Date

Although there’s no right or wrong answer as to when to have one, we recommend something sooner rather than later to ride the wave of excitement that comes along with getting engaged. Make sure to factor in guest availability for family and friends, so they are able to attend your event.

Put Together A Guest List

No rules when it comes to putting together a guest list except to ensure that anyone you invite to the engagement party is also invited to the wedding. We usually recommend something on the smaller side which makes The Coop a perfect choice for most engagement parties.

Register For Gifts

It’s best to make sure you finish your registry before the party, however, some people may jump on buying a gift as soon as they know you’re engaged, so you may want to look at doing this before sending out invites. Regardless, we recommend adding less expensive items to your engagement registry, as most guests will also be buying you a wedding gift down the line, which tends to be more expensive.

Send Invitations To Guests

Be sure to give all of your guests plenty of lead time when you send out invites. This will help ensure the best possible attendance. We recommend at least a month before the engagement party and to have an ‘RSVP by’ date included. Also, make sure that your invitations match the formality and the theme of the engagement party, but no need to match the theme of the wedding.

Choose Your Food & Drink Menu

Both the food and drink menus are very dependent upon the time of day you’ll be having the engagement party, as well as how formal it will be. Less formal parties will opt for finger foods like meats, cheeses, and other charcuterie, whereas more formal parties should look to have a plated meal. One of our favorite ideas is to serve ‘his’ & ‘hers’ favorite foods, but don’t use up all your creative ideas here. Save some for the big day!

Bonus Tip: Include Elements of the Proposal into the Party

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