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Having a cohesive and unified team is crucial to accomplishing your business’ goals. Hosting a team building activity can help with silos between your departments or bring together members who will rely heavily on each other to get the job done. We have the flexibility to accommodate to a variety of team building requests from anything as simple as outdoor grilling to more complex events such as live performances and mock gameshows.

Having trouble deciding on an activity? Below are some simple ideas to start out with:

Please note that Historic Acres does not include the setup or application of these games in any packages. These are merely recommendations to get your team engaged.

1. Guess It

In this game, you will break into groups of 3 to 4. One person in each group is the ‘demonstrator’ while the rest are guessers. First, choose a single person to decide on an item. That person (typically the president or CEO) will whisper the item to all of the demonstrators, who will go back to their groups. The demonstrator will, without talking, try to demonstrate a use for that item. The first group to guess the item correctly will win the round.

2. Find The Lie

This game involves 5+ people, if you have more then break into groups.

Everyone should be in a circle facing one another. Each person will construct 3 facts about themselves as well as 1 lie, which should be as realistic as possible. One at a time, go around and have each person say all 4 things. All other members get 1 guess as to which one is the lie. After everyone has guessed, the person reveals the answer.


3. Positive Outlook

Split into groups of 2 people. The first person will explain something negative that happened in their life, then the other person will have to take that story and explain it back to them in the most positive way possible. This is a fun activity for getting employees to open up to each other and doesn’t take up much time.


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