Baby Shower Treats and Gifts for Your Guests

plate of cake pops and cupcakes with purple and blue frosting

Planning a baby shower is an exciting moment for anyone involved, and it’s such a special opportunity to gather with family and friends before the baby arrives. From games and decorations to baby shower treats and gifts, there are plenty of details to personalize if you’d like. So your guests will remember the occasion and have something to take home with them, consider a few of these ideas to give your loved ones at the event.

4 Baby Shower Treats

Cake pops

Cake pops are fun and easy to eat while mingling! Whether you want to serve them on your dessert table or have them for guests to take home, cake pops are festive and great for all ages. These can be decorated simply or can be easily incorporated into any theme!

Seedling packets

Want to give a cute and eco-friendly gift? Seedling packets are perfect for spring baby showers and are a great alternative to giving food or snacks. You can choose to give local wildflowers native to your region, or your favorite flowers to share with your loved ones. 

Honey bear jars

Are you excited to bring your little cubby bear home? Share the love with honey bear jars to send with your guests. These favors are practical and great for guests to use in tea, on toast, while baking, and more. 

Popcorn bags

You’re ready to pop, so why not give the gift of popcorn to your baby shower guests? Prepare bags ahead of time with caramel corn or cheese popcorn, or a combination of both, with a sticker or tag to remember the occasion. 

Secure a Venue for Your Baby Shower

Historic Acres of Hershey offers multiple venue spaces for baby shower events. Contact our team to learn about capacity, availability, and take a tour of the venue.