How to Throw a Baby Shower

A baby shower is a sweet and special event, and an opportunity to gather friends and family before the parents’ little one arrives. While there are many details to consider, including the date, venue, guest list, and party details, with a bit of planning and organization, you can throw a beautiful baby shower with ease. 

Planning a Baby Shower

Baby showers are often planned six to eight weeks in advance, when momma to be is in the early part of her second trimester. You can have a baby shower anytime before, or even after the baby comes. If the shower is going to happen before the baby, throw it about one to two months before the baby’s due date. If the celebration is going to take place after the baby’s arrival, then you’ll want to give the family enough time to settle in, so the shower could be anywhere from one to eight weeks post-baby arrival.

The first step in planning a baby shower is to set your budget. Consider all costs that go into hosting a baby shower, including the venue, food, invitations and decor. Be sure to set a budget that is comfortable, and don’t be afraid to keep things simple. Your shower budget will somewhat dictate how many guests can be accommodated, which is the next step. Unlike a wedding, your guestlist doesn’t have to be extensive, you keep it intimate by inviting family and close friends to the event.

Baby showers are typically held in the second trimester of pregnancy, which allows parents time to be prepared long before their due date. It’s also early enough that the mom-to-be has enough energy to enjoy her celebration, and isn’t likely to go into labor mid-party. Once you have a headcount in mind, choose a baby shower venue that suits your needs, budget and aesthetic. The date of the event might be determined in part by the availability of the venue. You’ll want to find a space that is comfortable, functional, and of course beautiful. Be sure to send out invitations about four weeks before the event. 

How to Host a Baby Shower 

If a traditional shower doesn’t align with the family’s vision, then make it your own. You can have a coed shower, a fun cookout with friends and family, a spa day, or an intimate dinner party. Ultimately the event is to support the new family. Once you’ve planned the who, what, when, and where, you can decide if there will be a theme and special decor, what food and drinks you’ll offer, if there will be games or activities for attendees, gifting and whether to open them during the event, and party favors for guests. 

The day of the event, or possibly the day before, you’ll need to prepare snacks or any food or drinks that aren’t being ordered or delivered. You’ll also need to plan time before the event to set everything up and decorate the event space. It’s a nice touch to have something like balloons outside to make the location really noticeable for guests. Try to find a few guests that will be willing to help you before, during and after as you host the event. 

Delegate a few people to arrive early and help set up, and a few to stay after the shower to help clean up. You’ll need a person or two to be responsible for taking photos of the event, and if gifts are going to be a part of the shower, opened or not, someone will need to keep track of them so thank you notes can be written afterwards. Remember as the host, you’re going to be busy, and having help coordinated ahead of time will make the event go smoothly. 

The most important part of a baby shower is to celebrate the expectant parents and the new life that is about to enter the world! Our smaller space at Historic Acres, The Coop, is ideal for baby showers, with space for up to 54 guests. This renovated banquet room boasts charming farmhouse details, exposed wood beam ceilings, large bay windows, and crystal chandeliers. If you’re looking for a baby shower venue in Hershey PA, give us a call or contact us.