5 Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas

Are you looking for some inspiration or rustic wedding cake ideas for your big day? When planning your wedding’s aesthetic, you can down to the small details like the style of your cake. From the decorations on the cake to the overall dessert display, there are tons of ways to personalize. Look for ways to add in natural elements and greenery as well as textures and rich colors for a perfect rustic wedding cake. 

If you’re on the hunt for rustic wedding cake ideas, here are a few of our favorite ways to incorporate this design style into your dessert table. 

Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas

Use natural elements like birchwood and pine cones

Rustic often evokes elements of nature and forests, so using natural wood elements is the perfect solution to make any cake feel more rustic. You can use wood slabs as cake stands, pine cones to decorate the display, or birchwood design to detail your cake. 

Incorporate greenery throughout the display

Speaking of forests, why not include some greenery in your rustic cake display as well! Think small branches of greenery to decorate the table or sit at the base of the cake. Moss is a great option for a modern rustic feel. 

Decorate with textures and rich colors

Think about incorporating textures and rich hues, like deep reds and burnt orange. Using burlap or textured fabric to decorate the cake table adds a rustic texture and warmth that will feel extra cozy. You can also add texture through design elements on your cake like trees or wood features. 

Go with a naked wedding cake

Naked cakes are an increasingly popular option for cake designs as they look great and taste just as good. Naked cakes are made with less frosting so you can see the layers of the sponge cake and there is a textured and unique exterior. The unfinished look is perfect for a rustic wedding!

Use vintage farmhouse serving ware to display

Rustic and farmhouse can easily go hand-in-hand, and adding in vintage elements can elevate the decor even more. If you like incorporating vintage items into your wedding decor, consider vintage plates or dishes for your dessert table display. 

Plan Your Rustic Wedding at Historic Acres

Sitting along several acres of rolling hills, Historic Acres of Hershey is the perfect blend of rustic and modern. If you’re planning a wedding, plan a visit to our beautiful property. Contact us to learn more information or schedule a tour.