5 Effective Tips to Increase Fundraising Event Attendance

Fundraising events for nonprofits are a great way to cultivate support and spread your mission among the community. While a fundraising event may take a lot of work and planning, it can offer tremendous benefits in the long run. 

If you’re looking for a space to host a fundraising event, Historic Acres of Hershey boasts three unique spaces to accommodate groups of all sizes. Finding the perfect space for your event is a big factor in your planning and getting people to attend will ultimately determine the success of the event. Let us help guide you! 

5 Effective Tips to Increase Fundraising Event Attendance

1. Get an Early Start on Promotion

Promotion is everything when throwing a fundraising event, and luckily, there are free and inexpensive tools to use for outreach. Use your website, social media platforms, email newsletters, and circle of friends and connections to get the word out. The earlier you can start the better to create buzz and excitement around the event.

Don’t forget to enlist sponsors and connections to spread the word through their social media channels and marketing lists. 

2. Market to Large Groups

You can boost attendance by reaching out to large groups, including your big sponsors, to sell group tickets or offer complimentary tables or seats. Another option is to reach out to large organizations that are aligned with your mission and ask if they want to buy tickets in bulk at a slightly discounted rate. 

3. Follow up on Invitations

It’s easy to get wrapped up and forget about an event – everyone is busy! That’s why it’s important to follow up on invitations as the event date approaches. Create an email marketing campaign to keep your event top of mind and make phone calls to ensure invitees received the invitation. 

And don’t forget it’s just as important to follow up after the event to show your gratitude. Send a thank you and share fundraising efforts after the event as well as the impact it will make for your cause. You can also send a post-event survey to get feedback that will help drive your planning for the future.  

4. Prioritize Your Mission

If you show passion for the mission, it will attract others who feel the same way about the project. Don’t shy away from prioritizing your mission. You’ll attract those who are interested, and your energy will be apparent. Focus on the quality, not the number of guests to get the right audience to attend your event. 

5. Offer Incentives for Your Guests 

Have a big-ticket auction item or secure a local band to perform at the event as an extra incentive for attendees. While mingling can be just enough sometimes, an incentive will ensure guests don’t bail at the last minute. Connect with local businesses to see if they are willing to offer auction items like gift cards, exclusive tickets, or free services. 

Plan Your Fundraiser Event at Historic Acres of Hershey

If you’re ready to book your fundraising event at Historic Acres of Hershey, call our team today to learn more. Our event spaces are ideal for indoor or outdoor events and can accommodate all types of groups.