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The Perfect Venue for your Hershey Fundraising Event

Whether you are planning a fundraiser for your company or a charity/non-profit, a fundraising event in person is very helpful because of how connected people feel to a cause when they physically see and speak to others in working towards that cause. These types of events are capable of raising a lot of money as long as you have good participation and attendance. Having a breathtaking venue can most certainly help!

Often times, the fundraiser venue is one of the last steps someone thinks of when planning but can be a huge win for the event as a whole. Many people associate fundraisers with being held at a restaurant or inside a stuffy conference room. We can tell you from experience that something non-traditional goes a long way in encouraging your guests to attend your fundraising event. Not to mention, Historic Acres has a multitude of spaces available depending upon the number of guests you plan on having attend your fundraiser.

Host a successful fundraiser in Hershey at any 1 of our 4 venue spaces

Choosing the right venue for a fundraiser is just the first of many steps, but our team can help you plan for much more with connections to corporate vendors for rentals, food, entertainment, and more. For more information regarding what else goes into planning a successful fundraising event, please keep reading!

Tips on Planning A Successful Fundraising Event

What’s Your Fundraiser’s Purpose

If this isn’t a reoccurring fundraiser that has an established purpose, you’ll want to figure out what your event’s purpose is. Is it raising money, networking, PR, all the above? Either way, knowing your purpose will help plan the rest of the details much easier.

Fundraising Goal

Is there a specific amount of money you plan on raising? Does this include the fundraising event expenses or just the gross amount of money raised? This will be something you’ll need to decide upon with the rest of your organization and key fundraisers.

Establishing A Budget

You’ll want to spend time creating a full budget of all your expenses including but not limited to staff, invitations, food/drink, entertainment, transportation, and don’t forget the venue space! Our team can help make sure that with the proper planning you can find an affordable venue and can help out with your other budgetary constraints by utilizing our corporate vendors.

Plan On How To Market Your Event

Leverage your website, social media, email lists, and in-person contacts to drive as much attention to your event beforehand. Ask your corporate partners/sponsors and other companies you have relationships with to help by sharing posts on social media and promoting via word of mouth.

Drive Fundraising Before The Actual Event

In addition to people donating during the event, you’ll want to also make sure to encourage donations beforehand. Pre-selling tickets, raffles, and absentee donations can make up a huge portion of your overall fundraising. Also, make sure that you establish the proper method of how you’ll want to gather donations. This means choosing a way to do payment-processing at the event as well as a ticketing provider before the event. You don’t want people just walking around the event with hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in cash and checks.

If you need advice on catering for a fundraiser or fundraising event, we’ve got a wealth of trusted vendors that we’ve been working with for years, whether corporate or personal. We also offer on-site rentals to help decorate your event!

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