How to Use Candles for Wedding Decor

candles and flowers on wedding table

Candles add a beautiful glow and romantic aesthetic to any wedding, and nowadays, they are conveniently available in flameless LED and battery-powered options. They are versatile and can be used alongside the aisle during your wedding ceremony or elegantly placed at each table. Whether you’re looking for a simple way to decorate your tables or are creating a more elaborate lighting scheme, consider using candles for some of your wedding decorations.

How to Incorporate Candles into Your Wedding 

The ambiance, mood, and vibe of your big day can be impacted by how you light the room. Candles are a popular lighting choice for weddings, both for the romantic atmosphere candlelight provides as well as their versatility with so many possible vessels, shapes, and arrangements. From simple white tapers atop gold candlesticks, to a grand staircase lined with glowing candles or tea lights in glass vases, candles are a beautiful choice for any style, location or season, and there are plenty of ways to incorporate them into your wedding.

One of the simplest and most popular ways to incorporate candles into wedding decor is to use them for candlelit tablescapes and centerpieces. You can arrange them in clusters or spread them out along with other decorative elements like flowers, greenery or table runners. Candles also make beautiful aisle or pathway decorations. Line your wedding ceremony aisle with candles for a magical effect and create a romantic pathway leading to the wedding venue or reception area using candles. 

Candles can be used as a mood, accent or as a fairly major lighting source. If your venue allows, you can hang candle chandeliers or candelabras from the ceiling or beams, or from trees or overhead structures for an enchanting outdoor wedding. You can also create a stunning backdrop for your wedding ceremony or reception by constructing a candle wall. Arrange multiple candles on a wooden or metal grid, for a mesmerizing display of flickering lights. Aside from lighting, candles can be used for a unity ceremony during your wedding, to symbolize the joining of lives and families. 

candles in lanterns wedding table decorations

Wedding Table Decorations with Candles

Candles are very versatile when it comes to decoration, you can keep them all cohesive or use a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and holders. You can also opt for flameless, battery powered ones. Before considering using actual candlelight, check with your venue, some may allow open flame, while others may only allow flameless candles, or require votives and no free-standing candles. Whether you use flames or not, here are some ideas to help you start brainstorming how to decorate your wedding tables with candles. 

  • Floating Candles: in decorative bowls or glass vases filled with water make for classic and simple centerpieces. Get a variety of sizes or stick with one size, and add flower petals, colorful stones, or foliage to the water for an extra touch of elegance.
  • Sand, Coffee Bean, Pearl, etc Vessels: instead of suspending them in water, place candles in clear vessels filled with sand, coffee beans or other elements that match the style and color theme of your wedding. 
  • Mismatched: use candles in various sizes and shapes from large cylindrical candles, small tea lights, tapered candles, votives, and floating or suspended candles. 
  • Colors: match the colors of your wedding theme, or stick with all black or all white, or incorporate a few different colored candles and/or vessels. 
  • Lanterns, Hurricane Vases or Birdcages: match these types of fun and unique candle vessels to the theme of your wedding. 
  • Votives and Tealights: are another simple and classic approach that can be used as a focal point or accent to your wedding tables and combined with flowers or greenery. 
  • Tree Stumps or Stands: consider layering candles at different heights and match the stands to the style of your wedding such as tree stumps for a rustic theme. 

There are so many creative and beautiful ways to incorporate candles into your wedding. Start with your theme and then decide how best to express that theme with different styles of candles and holders. Whether you have actual candle light or opt for flameless, candles will be sure to add a lovely element to your wedding. 

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