4 Wedding Table Decorations with Candles

candles and flowers on wedding table

Candles add a beautiful glow and romantic aesthetic to any wedding decor. They can be used alongside the aisle during your wedding ceremony or elegantly placed at each table during your reception. Many couples will choose to decorate their special day with flowers, greenery, candles, and natural elements. Whether you’re looking for a simple way to decorate your tables or you’re using multiple elements to catch eyes, consider using candles for decoration.

How Do You Use Candles at a Wedding Reception?

Wedding table decorations are a great way to add a soft ambiance to your wedding decor. You can use them on their own or alongside flower arrangements on your dinner tables, dessert table, and gift table. Candles are also very versatile because you can keep them all cohesive or use a variety of sizes, shapes, and holders. When decorating with candles, don’t forget about LED and battery-powered options. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for wedding table decorations with candles.

4 Wedding Table Decorations with Candles

Floating candles in water-filled vases: A classic and simple centerpiece, floating candles in vases are a perfect option. Get a variety of sizes or stick with one size of a cylinder glass vase to place along your tables. These will be filled with water about three-quarters of the way to the top of the vase with a floating candle placed within each. 

Tapered LED candles in vintage holders: Tapered LED candles offer a heightened sense of elegance to any setting, especially when paired with beautiful vintage holders. However, if you’re looking for a more modern approach to this type of candle, there are plenty of options for sleek and contemporary holders as well.

Mismatched candles in various sizes and shapes: If you’re the kind of couple who loves variety and mismatch, opt for a variety of candles in different sizes and shapes. You can get large cylindrical candles, small tea lights, tapered candles, votives, and even floating candles. 

Tealights surrounding floral arrangements: Adding both flowers and candles to your table centerpieces is always a beautiful option. Consider choosing one to be the true focal point and then using the other as a secondary focus so you’re not overwhelming or crowding the table.

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