Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas

From the lush white coating of fresh snow to the romantic and cozy warmth of a fire, there are so many reasons to embrace the winter season for your wedding. Winter weddings may be overlooked by some couples due to the unpredictable weather, but it’s a great time of the year to get married. Discover a few of our favorite winter wedding decoration ideas for centerpieces and beyond.

3 Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas

Forage for wooded and natural decor

Go to the beautiful outdoors to gather pine cones, spruce branches that have fallen to the ground, pieces of wood, or even fallen leaves. These natural elements can be used in DIY projects for centerpieces or decor throughout the event. Be sure to go out with an idea of what you’re going to make and visit a place that will likely have what you’re looking for. When you’re foraging, make sure you’re not doing it in a state or national park, which are typically protected against visitors taking anything with them. 

Incorporate lots of candles and warm lighting

Candles can be inexpensive when purchased in bulk and can be used throughout the wedding decor, from centerpieces to the dessert table to the gift table. You can use a variety of candle heights to play with some texture and style, if you’d like. The warmth of the candles are perfect for a winter wedding because they simply feel cozier and seasonal.

Give the gift of cozy to your guests

Many couples decide to gift their guests with small mementos to take home, while showing appreciation for being there to celebrate the day. Consider gifting something they can enjoy during the winter season like local tea packets, gourmet hot chocolate, branded lip balm, or small tin candles. Feel free to think outside of the box when choosing guest gifts and have fun with it!

Plan Your Winter Wedding at Historic Acres

If you’re planning a winter wedding, Historic Acres offers a beautiful setting for a festive occasion. Give us a call or contact our team to learn more about our event space and available dates.