What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Have you been invited to a winter wedding? It seems that cold-weather weddings are gaining more popularity, and rightfully so as there are many benefits to getting married during the chiller months. If you’re a guest, you may be wondering what to wear to a winter wedding.

There are plenty of fun and stylish ways to dress seasonally appropriate for the next event on your schedule. From dark and rich hues to beautiful cover-ups to winter fabrics, consider these options when you’re getting ready for a winter wedding.

Things to Consider When Planning Your Attire

When you’re planning your winter wedding outfit, consider the setting for the event and whether you’ll need to be outside much. While the majority of the event will, of course, be indoors, be mindful of the amount you’ll need to walk outside, what the current weather conditions are, and whether or not you typically run cold.

Bring along a stylish shawl or scarf if you want an option to cover up without putting on your jacket or a sweater. They are super easy to carry along with you and can be a huge help if you start to get chilly. Faux fur shawls are beautiful, warm, and can dress up any outfit!

Another thing you’ll need to decide is the shoes that you’ll be wearing. Closed-toe shoes will keep your feet a bit warmer. You may also want to opt for a chunkier heel that has more traction in case of snow or ice. If you’re dying to wear a pair of stilettos, you can always bring an extra pair of shoes along if you need to!

What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

OK, now that you’ve considered the conditions, you’ll have to decide what you’re going to wear. Winter is perfect for rich jewel tones like reds, emerald, plum, or even black. Think of that fabric you’ll be wearing as well. Winter is the perfect time to break out an elegant velvet or satin dress.

You can also easily pair any color with glamorous textures. Gold, silver, and sequins are a playful addition to your attire, whether with a scarf, your shoes, or a purse. You can even wear a dress with metallics!

Are you the kind of person who always runs cold? Consider getting a dress with mid-length or long sleeves. This is a great option especially if you don’t have a shawl or scarf to bring with you for the event.

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