What is a Micro Wedding?

newly married husband and wife shot from behind outdoors

Gone are the days of feeling pressured by extravagant guest lists and lavish wedding productions. Today’s couples are embracing a more intimate and personalized approach to celebrating their love. What exactly is a micro wedding, and why is it becoming increasingly popular? Micro weddings still feature many of the traditions that couples and guests know and love, just on a much smaller scale. Keep reading to see if this might be the perfect option for your upcoming nuptials. 

Saying “I Do” Intimately: the Magic of Micro Weddings

Planning a wedding is a big undertaking and often an equally large investment, leaving some modern couples torn on whether it’s worth it, especially those that aren’t interested in an extravagant event. A microwedding, like its name suggests is an intimate celebration typically with no more than 50 guests, usually immediate family and super-close friends. It’s the perfect middle ground between an elopement and a large opulent wedding. 

Do you dream of a non-traditional wedding experience? Do you crave a special gathering with just your closest loved ones? Is a budget-conscious approach important to you? If you envision a wedding celebration that’s intimate, meaningful and reflects your unique love story, then a micro wedding might be the perfect choice, as it’s literally just a smaller and more intimate version of a larger-scale wedding.

The magic of micro wedding lies in their ability to offer:

  • A warm and heartfelt atmosphere: The smaller scale fosters a closer connection between the couple and their guests, creating a truly special and emotional experience.
  • Reduced stress: With fewer logistics to manage, couples can focus on enjoying their special day and cherishing each moment.
  • Creativity: From unique ceremony locations to personalized menus and entertainment, micro weddings allow for more creative freedom.

While both micro weddings and elopements prioritize intimacy, there’s a key distinction between the two. Elopements typically involve just the couple, and maybe a witness exchanging vows in a private ceremony. Micro weddings on the other hand, usually have 20 to 50 attendees and involve a curated celebration like a traditional wedding, just with a smaller guest list. The beauty of micro weddings is that the couple won’t have to forgo any of the traditional nuptial ceremony features.

Reasons to Have a Micro Wedding

Characterized by a small, select guest list, micro weddings embody the beauty of sharing this heartwarming milestone with those that you love most, and provides an opportunity to really connect and interact with your guests. Micro weddings are often laid back, and promote a more casual and free-flowing atmosphere. Not everyones thrives under a spotlight in front of a large crowd, so this can be a relief for the couple, especially if they’re more introverted, as well as their guests. 

The smaller scale and more intimate setting of a micro wedding allows couples to:

  • Prioritize personalization: Craft a ceremony and celebration that truly reflects their unique love story and preferences.
  • Savor special moments: Spend quality time with loved ones, creating lasting memories without feeling spread thin.
  • Embrace flexibility: Explore a wider range of unique venues and creative elements that might not be feasible with larger guest lists.
  • Less stress: Opting for a smaller wedding means fewer invitations to send, a smaller venue, more compact menu and less planning stress than a larger celebration. 
  • More cost effective: Couples can allocate resources towards experiences and details that hold the most meaning for them.

Preparing for a wedding generally requires a lot of time and effort from the couple, their families, friends, and the wedding planner, and it’s usually inevitable that all parties involved will feel pressure and stress as the wedding day approaches. Planning a micro wedding often means less stress and more fun. With a smaller guest list, there are fewer logistics to manage, allowing you to have a more relaxed approach and enjoy the experience of preparing for your big day.

Micro weddings also open the door to a more manageable budget. You can allocate resources towards experiences and personalized details that truly matter to you. Maybe that’s an unforgettable post-wedding adventure, high-quality catering, or unique entertainment during the celebration. This doesn’t mean your wedding day will be any less indulgent or memorable, in fact, the simplicity might add to its understated beauty.

If a cozy and intimate celebration sounds like your happily ever after, consider embracing the magic of micro weddings. Historic Acres of Hershey is a beautiful wedding and event venue, perfect for small gatherings, amidst rolling hills in the Pennsylvania countryside. Contact our team to learn more or to schedule a tour.