Unique Baby Shower Games to Play at Your Party

Baby showers are a fun and exciting day for the parents-to-be to celebrate the arrival of their little one. While there are some who love the quintessential and goofy games played at a baby shower, others cringe at the idea. Don’t fret. You don’t need to have a boring and bland baby shower, you just need a bit of fresh inspiration. If you’re planning your event and looking for activities that aren’t the norm, consider a few of our favorite unique baby shower games. 

4 Unique Baby Shower Games 

Ditch the traditional games where you guess the circumference of mom’s belly or race to see who changes a diaper the quickest. Our favorite unique baby shower games are great for all types of events, whether it’s just the ladies for the day or a co-ed event. Plus, you’ll appeal to groups of all ages! 

Name the Baby Animal

Who doesn’t love baby animals? Create a list with the common names of animals such as deer, kangaroo, elephant, horse, etc. The game is to get the names of the baby animals for each species. You can create a print out with each animal listed so that your guests can write down their guesses on their own. You can also make it more interactive and use images of baby animals that you share with the group and a scorecard for each guest. While some are pretty simple, others may be harder than you think! Do you know what to call a baby elephant? (it’s a calf)

The Price is Right

Come on down and play the Price is Right: Baby Edition! Think of 10 to 12 different items that are needed for a baby, such as a stroller, crib, mobile, car seat, diapers, and formula. For this game, have each of your guests guess the price of the item. The individual who is closest to the price, without going over, wins! This is a fun game to get the whole group involved, and if the group is fairly competitive, you’ll surely have some strategic players. 

Celebrity Babies

Play the celebrity baby guessing game by collecting baby photos of several popular celebrities. For this one, it’s helpful to also include photos or names of all the celebrities now as well so it’s a matching game. Choose 5-10 celebrities that most people at your event will know! Players will guess the celebrity by looking at their baby picture and matching the name. Be sure to choose a wide variety of celebrities so attendees both young and old will have a shot at guessing correctly. The guest with the most correct answers will win. 

Onesie Making Station

While not technically a game, a onesie making station is a fun and creative activity for your baby shower. Buy bulk while or light colored onesies, some fabric stencils, fabric paint, and markers. You can set up a table off to the side where guests can come and go to make their own onesie for your little one! Some guests will love this activity, but you may not want to make it mandatory for your non-artistic friends and family. Ask your guests to write their name on the tag so you know who made which onesie. Once the baby arrives, be sure to snap pictures of the baby in the onesies and send them to your guests. They will love it! 

Plan your Baby Shower at Historic Acres

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