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Hershey’s Most Beautiful Family Reunion Venue Near You

The idea of reconnecting with your family or classmates at a reunion shouldn’t be overwhelming and time-consuming. Planning a class or family reunion is about reconnecting with people who were so pivotal in your life and celebrating all the moments in between.

When it comes to having a reunion, a backyard BBQ or brunch, a conference center just won’t cut it. It’s important to have a lot of space to spread out, eat, maybe dance, and not to mention any easy-to-reach location. Our property is filled with plenty of gorgeous scenery as well as a fire pit to socialize and relax around. Historic Acres is also conveniently located near many hotels in Hershey which makes planning accommodations for out-of-towners a breeze.

Let your family reunion or class reunion be the talk for years to come

In addition to offering multiple spaces to help accommodate reunions of different sizes, our team can also put you in contact with many of our vendors to help provide entertainment for your reunion, as well as catering and food options. We’re here to help you throughout the whole process of planning your event. Please make sure you check out our additional tips for planning a family reunion below!

Planning A Memorable Reunion For Your Family or Classmates

Date & Location are First & Foremost

The biggest tip is to start planning the reunion well before you think you need to. Planning about one year in advance is recommended. This will give you more than ample time to pick a date and then lock down a venue for your family or class reunion.

Reach Out To Others To Help With Planning

Planning a reunion entirely by yourself can be done, but we’d recommend against it. Reach out to see if a few people will volunteer their time to help plan the event and provide additional input in making important decisions. You’ll want to make sure someone helps cover finances, lodging, food and entertainment at a minimum.

Establish A Budget

The cost to attend can be a big factor in people deciding whether or not they are going to attend your family reunion or class reunion. Planning a year ahead will give everyone ample time to plan their own personal budgets as well as raise money for putting on the event (in the event of having a class reunion).

Spread The Word

Leverage your website, social media, email lists, and in-person contacts to drive as much attention to your event beforehand. Ask your corporate partners & sponsors and other companies you have relationships with to help by sharing posts on social media and promoting via word of mouth.

Drive Fundraising Before The Actual Event

In addition to people donating during the event, you’ll want to make sure to encourage donations beforehand. Pre-selling tickets, raffles, and absentee donations can make up a huge portion of your overall fundraising. Also, make sure that you establish the proper method of how you’ll want to gather donations. This means choosing a way to do payment-processing at the event as well as a ticketing provider before the event. You don’t want people just walking around the event with hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in cash and checks.

If you need advice on catering for a fundraiser or fundraising event, we have a wealth of trusted vendors that we’ve been working with for years, whether corporate or personal. We also offer on-site rentals to help decorate your event!

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