Graduation Parties

Host the Best Graduation Party in Hershey

Graduation parties are another increasingly popular trend, but the logistics can often be tricky. Everyone wants to throw a party but graduation obviously happens at the same time for everyone. What this often leads to is a lot of smaller parties that people roam around to.

Graduation parties that typically see the most success are ones that are combined. Students, particularly High Schoolers, like to each throw their own party. If you can recruit them and throw a combined party then it will garner more attention. This will make yours more interesting and save a lot of people the hassle of moving around from party to party all night.

Tips on throwing a graduation party:

  • Get as many people on board as possible, but consider attendance for each person you invite. You don’t want it too big where few people know each other and you don’t want it small enough to be ignored.
  • For timing, around 2-3 weeks after graduation tends to be your best shot since so many people go on trips directly after the ceremony. Don’t want until August because a lot of people will be leaving for college.
  • Combined parties tend to work better for High School graduations. For College you might want to throw yours independently.
  • As long as you’re under 200 people, we can accommodate with our range of options.
  • Use a combination of paper invites, Facebook and connections to make sure everyone you want gets an invite. Many people make the mistake of just inviting from Facebook, which can be unreliable for getting the message across.
  • Make it clear whether people can bring guests or not.
  • The most fun graduation parties tend to have a theme. Something light hearted like a western theme or a Hawaiian theme can be really fun, try not to make it too unconventional.
  • Graduation parties inherently tend to have less effort put into them than other events such as banquets or fundraisers, so many parties end up being low key or kind of stale. That doesn’t have to be the case, however. Let Historic Acres work with you to throw a party that your graduates will be proud of!

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