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When planning a bridal shower there are a multitude of things to plan that can be overwhelming, as well as exciting, as you try to create both a fun and unique bridal shower. Menu, games, decorations, favors, and so much more, but the biggest puzzle piece of all is picking the right venue.

That’s where Historic Acres steps in to help.

A common venue for a bridal shower is often at the host’s home or the home of a family member of the bride, however, there are plenty of benefits of choosing a non-residence for a bridal shower venue. Historic Acres is the perfect Central PA bridal shower venue.

Choose from 4 different venues for a bridal shower at Historic Acres.

Each one of our spaces has more than enough room to accommodate the number of guests you have attending. Our bridal shower venue spaces will also have enough room to house all the food, activities, gifts, and favors that you plan to make the day perfect.

Picking the bridal shower venue is usually one of the first steps in planning and if you’re still trying to figure out what to do to delight the bride, take a look at some of our tips from our venue coordinator below.

Wooden chairs and Tables adorned with white tablecloths and blue napkins for a special event.

Hershey Venue Manager’s Tips for Planning A Unique Bridal Shower

Involve the Bride (if she wants to be)

Bridal showers are not always a surprise for the bride, and it is now completely acceptable to have the bride be involved in the planning of her shower. She will be extremely helpful in making an accurate guest list and determining the specifics of some additional shower plans.

Spend the Extra Money on Nice Florals

Beautiful floral arrangements for the bridal shower make a large impact on the décor and it is well worth the extra money. When choosing arrangements, it is easy to stick to the colors of the wedding. It is also a huge bonus that the money won’t go wasted when the flowers can be sent home with members of the bridal party or guests after the shower is over.

Select the proper venue for a bridal shower

Depending upon the size of your guest list, finding a unique bridal shower venue can be difficult.

At Historic Acres, we have multiple venues available to fit many different types of bridal showers. For example, the Coop can accommodate up to 54 guests and with its wood beam ceilings and large bay windows makes it one of the best places to host a bridal shower.

Plan Games & Activities

Things to do at a bridal shower will not only help keep everyone laughing and having a good time but will also help people who do not know each other engage with one another.

The biggest recommendation we can make for games and activities is to keep it classy. You will most likely have people’s families attending the bridal shower and you won’t want to chance it with something too risqué.

Decide on a Shower Theme

Sticking to a theme will allow you to coordinate and plan with ease. Also, if you are planning with a group, a theme points everyone in the right direction. Remember to make sure you pick a theme that the bride will enjoy.

Pass Out Dessert While Gifts are Being Opened

The unwrapping of gifts can often take up a good amount of time and even take over the shower. Use this time as a prime opportunity to pass out desserts and keep people busy (and full) while they watch.

Plan the Bridal Shower Menu

Initially, your food and drink menus will be determined by the bridal shower theme you have chosen. Most bridal showers are scheduled during the morning or early afternoon, so a brunch or potluck menu is often suggested. This will help you keep everything light & snackable.

Additionally, if you are planning something earlier in the day err on the lighter side for the cocktail menu. Stick with mimosas, spritzers, and seltzers, and do not forget to always provide a non-alcoholic option.


Thank Guests with Cute Party Favors

 In addition to the floral centerpieces, you will want to send guests home with a little something to thank them for attending the bridal shower. Small and useful party favors will do the trick. Our favorites include jam, custom soaps, succulents, and of course…chocolate.

If you need advice on catering for a bridal shower, we’ve got a wealth of trusted vendors that we’ve been working with for years, whether corporate or personal. We also offer on-site rentals to help decorate your event!

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