Reunion Party Favors to Remember the Occasion

black and white photo album open on a black and white rug

A family reunion is a great opportunity to reconnect with loved ones that you may not see as much as you’d like to. Whether you met annually or this is an extra special occasion that doesn’t happen often, your family reunion is surely an event to remember. Reunion party favors are the perfect way to ensure everyone remembers the day and the special memories created on that day. 

When you’re planning your family reunion favors, keep in mind your audience. Make sure that you’re getting a shared gift that everyone can enjoy, or are considering multiple gifts for different age groups. This keepsake may be passed down to the next generation, so remember to keep it fun and lighthearted!

4 Fun Reunion Party Favors

Photo album

There is no better way to remember the event than by capturing it in action! If you or someone in your family loves photography, ask them to help out by taking pictures throughout the event. Be sure to include some candid shots of everyone hanging out, but also take some staged photos of the entire family and any groups that you’d like. That way you’ll have a great collection that everyone will love.


Koozies are a fun gift for families that love spending time outdoors, camping, or simply enjoying a cold beverage on a warm day. Who can ever have enough koozies, anyways? There are companies that will brand your koozies with names, taglines, and designs. Be sure to include your family name, the year of the event, the location, and any other fun details.

Tote bag

Tote bags are great for almost all ages and are a verstitle and very useful gift to give! Just like koozies, you can have your tote bags branded and designed in any way you’d like, and you have different options when it comes to size as well. If you’re wanting to give an extra special gift, consider adding snacks, drinks, and treats to the tote bags. 

Family recipes

Family recipes are sacred for so many, and they are great to pass down through generations. Prior to the event, ask your family members to share their favorite family recipes. Put all of the recipes together in a book, which you can do entirely virtual or by printing out all the recipes and adding them to a folder-style book or album. 

Plan Your Family Reunion at Historic Acres of Hershey

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