Our rental items are designed to accommodate weddings and events with themes from rustic to elegant. They provide an opportunity to customize your event and make the venue space even more special.

Charlotte Bar

Our Charlotte Bar is an 8-foot black bar with mirrored accents and gold trim on the front. With two available, the paneling offers an elegant design that will help set the proper tone for your Wedding or Event. Both Charlotte Bars in stock are shown in the photo and they can be combined to create a longer, 16-foot bar.

Charlotte Bars are only available for use indoors.

Cooper Bar

Our Cooper Bars offer a more rustic look in contrast to the Charlotte Bars and come with beautiful light wood around a galvanized metal front. We currently have three Cooper Bar segments available in stock with two shown in the photo. These versatile sections fit any Wedding or Event as long as it’s appropriate for the theme.

Cooper Bars are available for both outdoor and indoor use.

Farm Tables

Farm Tables are a great way to improve the aesthetic of any venue layout.  They can be interwoven amongst seated round tables for guests, used for a sweetheart/head table or even utilized for food/desserts. Tables are all 8 feet in length and seat 8 comfortably, with options for up to 10 people per table when capping the ends.

We have ten tables in total available for a maximum seating capacity of 100. All tables have a wood finish and are available for indoor use only to prevent any damage to the wood.

Bistro Lights

Bistro lights are a great way to add some ambiance to your day. We string three sets of bulbs across the stone patio, and they are bright enough to make a statement even during daylight hours. Once the sun sets, they are visible all across the property, and make for a fantastic spot for your sparkler send-off.

Corn Hole

If you need some entertainment for your guests then it’s hard to go wrong with Corn Hole (or Bags as it’s known to some). We offer 2 sets of high quality, custom-made boards along with full bag sets. Rentals include both sets, so 4 boards in total.

Faux Greenery Wall

If you’d like to add some ambiance and variety to your Event then we offer a Faux Greenery Wall for rental. The wall is covered with artificial greens and measures 8′ x 6′. There are 12 wooden shelves that have a usable space of 5″ x 4″. Ideas to help you utilize the shelves include candles, photos or alcohol (if displayed behind the bar).

We have one Faux Greenery Wall in stock and it’s available for indoor use only.

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*Rental items are for use by Historic Acres of Hershey clients at our location only. They are not available for outside rental.

Book a Historic Anniversary Party Venue in Hershey

An anniversary party is a great way to celebrate 25, 30, 40 and even 50 years of being married and in love. All anniversaries are huge milestones that should be celebrated with the ones that you are close to.

Planning a wedding anniversary party can come with a large list of to-dos, from where to have the party, the theme, who to have or not have on the guest list, and making sure it all fits within your budget. It can all be very stressful.

We can help!

Historic Acres offers a budget-friendly anniversary party venue, with tons of space options to choose from. In addition to helping ease the use of your budget, Historic Acres will help the party be just as beautiful as the wedding day. Whether you need a large party area or something smaller and more intimate, we have picturesque spaces to accommodate all.

If you’re still worried about the rest of the planning, our team can help you there, too. With decades of experience, our team has built connections with many local Hershey party vendors, and we can put you in contact with catering, beverage, and even entertainment vendors in Hershey.

We’re confident that we’re one of the best venues for anniversary parties.

We hope that we can help bring your anniversary party to life by providing a beautiful venue for you and all your guests to love! If you’re looking for more help planning an anniversary party, check out tips and ideas from one of our event coordinators below!

Wooden chairs and Tables adorned with white tablecloths and blue napkins for a special event.

Anniversary Party Ideas & Tips for You.

Date & Time to Determine the Location & Venue

In most cases, you’ll want to choose a date that is around the couple’s actual wedding anniversary date. We recommend trying to set down a date a few months in advance, for a few reasons. First, it allows those guests coming in from out of town to plan travel arrangements accordingly. Second, the sooner you begin to plan, the more likely a wedding anniversary party venue is available on or around your preferred date.

Consider an Anniversary Party Theme

While this step is not entirely necessary, it is fun to give something to help plan the rest of the party around. Whether you want to celebrate the decade the couple got married in, host a faux-black-tie event, or do something different like a luau, having an idea for your anniversary party theme will make planning the other steps easier.

Send Out Invitations

For a larger, more formal event, we’d recommend sending out paper invites to stress the importance and formality. If you’re having a smaller event, phone calls and digital invites will do the trick. Regardless of how you’re sending them, be sure your invites include date & times, dress code, location, and whether or not the couple has a gift registry (or even wants gifts at all).

Determine Catering Options After RSVPs

Once you have an idea of how many people will be attending, catering options for food and drink become easier to plan. Finding a caterer is much easier with our connections, and then you can begin to plan the menu. Also, remember to take people’s dietary restrictions into account.

Use Decoration Ideas from the Original Wedding or Time Era

Using the same color scheme as the couple’s wedding is a very nice touch. This can be used for the cake and decorations. Depending upon what anniversary it is, you can look into what the color, traditional gift, and flowers are. Other ideas for decorations include displaying the bride’s wedding dress and a slideshow of photos from the day. If you have chosen a theme, be sure to check out DIY options for decorations on sites like Pinterest.

Optional: Schedule Entertainment & Book A Photographer

Having a DJ or live band is completely optional but will keep people enjoying themselves for hours on end. A nice touch is to make sure the DJ or band knows some of the couple’s favorite songs and songs played on their wedding day.

While the photographer is also optional, having moments captured in time by a professional will always be a nice touch. This also allows everyone attending the party to be focused on celebrating instead of worrying about having to take photos or videos.

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