How to Throw a Gender Neutral Baby Shower

baby shower tables set with teddy bears and brown, grey and peach balloons

Many couples use their baby shower as a way to bring their families, friends and communities together, and these modern coed baby showers are more inclusive than traditional ones that only included female guests. Gender-neutral baby showers are becoming quite common and serve different purposes for different families. Some may want to be surprised when the baby is actually born or simply don’t align with the pinks and blues and traditional gender identity norms. Whatever the reason, long gone are the days where pink and blue were the only theme and color options. 

How to Throw a Gender Neutral Baby Shower

A baby shower is usually planned six to eight weeks in advance, when momma to be is in the early part of her second trimester, but really you can have a baby shower anytime before, or even after the baby comes. The first step in planning a shower is to set your budget. Consider all of the costs that’ll go into hosting, including the venue, food, invitations and decor. Be sure to set a budget that’s comfortable, and don’t be afraid to keep things simple. Your shower budget will also somewhat dictate how many guests can be accommodated.

Deciding on a theme for your shower is the next step as it will determine the rest of your plans, including whether it makes sense to host it indoors or out. There are themes that revolve around animals, adventures, colors, seasonal themes, and lots of other options that are gender neutral. If a specific theme doesn’t appeal to you, then you can choose a color scheme, but really the options are endless. If you’re planning a couples or co-ed shower which includes guests of all genders, you’ll want to consider that when choosing a theme for your gathering. 

If a traditional shower doesn’t align with the family’s vision, then make it your own. You can have a fun cookout with friends and family or a spa day; ultimately the event is to support the new family however that looks for them. Once you’ve planned the who, what, when, and where, you can decide if there will be a theme or special decor, what food and drinks you’ll offer, if there will be games or activities for attendees, gifting and whether to open them during the event, and party favors for guests.

Themes for a Gender Neutral Baby Shower

Some parents don’t want to force traditional gender identity norms on their kids, others may want to be surprised when the baby is born so they go gender-neutral to avoid spoiling the surprise, and some might want to think outside the box and try something new. Whatever the reason, throwing a gender-neutral baby shower is just as fun and simple to plan, here are some theme ideas to get you started. 

  • Night Sky or Twinkle Star: Hang up a paper moon and use neutral colors like white, mint green, and gold. Add moons and stars to decorations and food, creating a peaceful and fun atmosphere.
  • Donut: A colorful theme that immediately lets you know what’s for dessert! You can use balloons with donuts on them as centerpieces and bring in a pretty color palette of pastels.
  • Orange and Citrus: This “cutie” theme uses pastels and bright orange in contrast to white, grays, and any other neutral colors you like. Add greenery and oranges for centerpieces and decorations. 
  • Rustic: earthy greens, and bright whites mark this celebration. Consider hosting your event outdoors and be sure to include wood accents and plenty of flowers to brighten the theme.
  • Garden Party: This theme adds flowers, greenery, and succulents to the event. It’s the perfect thing for spring and summer baby showers.
  • Bumblebee: Bright yellows, black, and white, plus bumblebee decor and desserts. Decorate with sunflowers or daisies for a fresh outdoor look.
  • Adventure Awaits or Wild One: Do you have a future traveler or adventurer to welcome into the world? Use details like passports, airplanes, boats, hot air balloons, jungle details, a fun sign, and happy colors that work well together.
  • Peter Rabbit: This classic story can make a beautiful theme for your party. Add outdoor greenery to make it feel like a garden, a rustic tiered cake, and pastel colors like peach and white.
  • Bohemian: Greenery like vines and garlands, rustic wood details, and any colors you like will work well. 
  • Winnie the Pooh: Feature beloved characters as decorations, and include bright colors, you could even go for a woodland look. 
  • Oh Baby, Hey Baby, Baby in Bloom, Some Bunny: fun play on words that can be done with any color scheme. Picking a phrase to center the theme around helps avoid labeling events as either girl or boy showers, too

If you’d rather create a theme around a color scheme, that’s a great idea, too! Why not go neutral? Soft, earthy browns, metallics and off-whites are sweet and match just about everything. Having an all white baby shower is clean and classy and makes a perfect gender neutral theme. You can choose soft pastels for a sweet celebration or opt for bright colors if you want something more punchy and eye-catching. Whatever theme or color scheme you choose can then be used to create invitations, decorations and even food and drinks. 

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