How to Plan a Small Wedding

If you’re planning a wedding, there are many details to decide and factors to consider, and one of the first things to determine is the number of guests you’ll be inviting. Wondering how to plan a small wedding? Small weddings are ideal for many couples and offer numerous benefits for those who want to keep the guest list short. Here are a few tips for couples who want to celebrate their big day with an intimate crowd.

How to Plan a Small Wedding

The timeline to plan a wedding remains largely the same as a larger event. From invitations to table settings to vendors, you’ll need to decide the specifics of your event and scale them to accommodate your smaller guest list. First, you’ll need to determine how small of a wedding you want to have. A small wedding can mean something different to each couple, so be sure to discuss what small means to you. 

Consider your guest list

Speaking of the guest list, you’ll want to build out your wedding guest list by prioritizing the guests you want to have present for your ceremony. Start with your immediate family members and innermost circle of friends. You’ll also have to decide on the number of guests you’d like to have. From there, you can create your list based on your venue’s capacity. 

Eliminate the wedding party

Smaller weddings don’t typically include wedding parties. However, you can still have a maid of honor or best man join you in the ceremony. This is a great way to have a few close individuals there for your big day without worrying about the greater responsibility of having a full wedding party. You may also decide against having a flower girl or ring bearer. 

Choose your dream venue

Small weddings are typically more affordable, making it easier to secure the venue of your dreams. Whether you’ve always wanted an indoor or outdoor wedding, winter or summer, determine your must-haves and secure a venue that can accommodate small groups.

Plan Your Small Wedding at Historic Acres of Hershey

Historic Acres of Hershey offers a variety of wedding packages, which include microweddings, elopements, and smaller gatherings. Give us a call to discuss your options and check our availability.