How to Make a Wedding Timeline

up close photo of two wedding rings on a rustic table cloth

Your wedding day can sometimes feel like a blur. From hair and makeup to the ceremony and the reception, there are numerous events and activities that can keep you busy all day long. Creating a wedding schedule ahead of time is helpful for everyone involved in the event, so everyone knows how the day is going to unfold. If you’re wondering how to make a wedding timeline, you’ll need to determine a few key details to start.  

Work with a Planner to Create Your Wedding Timeline

If you’re working with a wedding planner or wedding coordinator, you’ll be able to collaborate with them to create a timeline for your wedding. Discuss the key details of your event, including your hair and makeup schedule, first look, photos, and the time of your ceremony. A wedding coordinator will also help to make sure that you stay on schedule throughout the day.

How to Plan Your Wedding Timeline By Yourself

If you’re the one planning your wedding timeline, consider planning the main details of your day and let the other activities fall into place.

Plan for your first look

Whether you’re having a first look for photos, or you’re planning to see your other half at the altar, this is a key detail to determine for your wedding timeline. Once you have planned when the first look for the two of you will be, you can schedule your hair and makeup appointments for the day as well as your photos. 

Hair and makeup

You’ll need to know what time you need to be ready and then let the hair and makeup artists know your schedule. You will likely have to be a bit flexible to accommodate their schedule as well. Ask your wedding party ahead of time if they will be getting their hair and/or makeup done for the big day.


If you’re doing a first look, your photos will start earlier in the day. However, if you are planning to see each other for the first time as you walk down the aisle, you may be taking a break between the ceremony and reception to snap photos.

Determine your wedding ceremony time

Your wedding ceremony time will be another key component of your day’s schedule. Communicate with your venue to determine the start time and when the wedding party should arrive. Whether you’re having the ceremony at your reception venue or at a different location will also play into the details of the day. 

If your ceremony is going to be at a separate location, you’ll need to consider travel time between the two locations. 

Schedule the evening’s events

Once you have the day planned out, keep in mind the details of the ceremony and wedding reception order of events

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