How to Find a Wedding Venue

historic acres of hershey indoor venue

Finding a wedding venue is one of the most exciting and pivotal moments of wedding planning. Once this detail gets ironed out, the rest of them can start to fall into place. If you’re in the early stages of planning and are wondering how to find a wedding venue for your big day, you’ll have a few things to consider. From your wedding size to your aesthetic, these details are important to nail down as you search for your dream venue.

How to Find a Wedding Venue That Suits Your Needs and Style

1. Secure your budget

As you start to plan your wedding, you’ll first want to consider your overall budget for the big day. Whether you’re paying for it on your own or receiving help from family members, setting your budget will help you determine what types of venues to visit and consider. It’s OK if you only have a range determined, but be sure that you think about the cost of the venue as well as all of the other details, including the dress, invitations, flowers, decorations, music, and more.

2. Plan your guestlist

Know how many people you’re going to invite and whether you’re going to offer guests to bring a plus one. Once you have a general idea of the amount of guests you will expect, you can tour venue spaces that can accommodate your event. Have a solid range in mind and round up if you’re unsure. 

3. Choose your ideal style 

Are you looking for a venue that is rustic, modern, boho, or classic? Consider your wedding’s overall style and decor when choosing the perfect space to hold your event. While you’ll be able to personalize the space with decorations and details, it’s helpful to have a general idea of the type of space you’d like to host your wedding day. 

4. Decide the perfect season or month

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of an outdoor event during the peak of summer, or you’d prefer a romantic and cozy wedding day with freshly fallen snow on the ground. Most venues are beautiful all year round, but it’s a great idea to know what season or month you’d like to have your event when securing your date. 

5. Know what’s included (and what isn’t included)

Some venues will have you bring in all the extras– even down to the plates and silverware– while others provide everything on site. Keep in mind what will be included for your wedding at the venue and factor that into your budget. Many venues will have relationships with local vendors, so be sure to check out those recommendations as well.

Have Your Wedding Day at Historic Acres

Historic Acres of Hershey is a beautiful venue along the rolling hills in the Pennsylvania countryside. Near numerous things to do, local attractions, and accommodations, Historic Acres is a desirable wedding venue with multiple spaces to consider. Contact our team today to learn more about our availability and schedule a tour of our spaces.