How Much Do You Tip Wedding Vendors?

A wedding budget is an important step to the planning process, and there are a lot of considerations to be made when creating one. From the vendors to attire to invitations, there is a laundry list of budgetary items to break down. One that may often be forgotten is the tips you’ll need on the day of your event. 

If you’re wondering how much do you tip wedding vendors, you’ll find there are some guidelines and some things to decide on a case-by-case basis.

Keep in mind that tips are not required, but appreciated! If you feel that vendors or staff went above and beyond to make your day special, here are a few guidelines to consider.

What Wedding Vendors Do I Tip?

Some wedding vendors will expect a tip and others will not. Most staff who work the wedding or deliver important items for the day will expect a tip. Others you’ll want to consider setting aside money for include your hair stylists and makeup artists, musicians or DJ, wedding planner, florist, officiant, photographer, and videographer. Be sure to check contracts, as some vendors may add a gratuity directly to your bill.

How Much Do You Tip Wedding Vendors?

The amount you tip each of your wedding vendors will depend on the cost of the service, but the rule of thumb is typically 10-20 percent if it’s a service being offered, such as the event staff, bartenders, driver or transportation company, hair and makeup, and your wedding planner. 

Other individuals you might tip, like the musicians, delivery staff, and florist, may be more like a per-head tip. If you are working with a company and the owner directly, you don’t need to tip them, but you should tip other staff they have with them. 

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