Frequently Asked Questions

A rental with us includes the venue space itself, as well as all tables and chairs. Wedding venue clients may have additional inclusions, depending on the chosen package. Please make a note, linens are not included.

We do require a day-of coordinator for our wedding venue packages, only. We have a list of coordinators we work with, who will guide you through creating a timeline of your day, running the rehearsal, and ensuring your day runs smoothly. They will set up the morning of your event and clean up at the end of the night. You won’t have to lift a finger!

We do not offer on-site catering for weddings or any other events. You will have to hire an outside caterer for your event. Please speak to venue staff for information based on the type/location of your event or visits our list of the best local vendors.

We do not. You will purchase your own alcohol and bring it to the venue for your event. Bartending policies vary based on the event size and location. Please make note that we strictly prohibit shots and moonshine.

We do, however, all candles must be partially enclosed in a glass votive, vase, lantern, etc. No tapered/stick candles are permitted under any circumstance. All candles on the hearth and mantle of the Pavilion must be battery operated. We do not allow candles in the Farmhouse.

  • For Wedding Venue Packages, access to the property begins at 9 am on the day of the wedding, and ends at 11 pm. Vendor cleanup may go until midnight. Nothing may be left overnight before or after the wedding
  • For Non-Weddings, access to the venue space begins at whatever contracted time you have selected. We contract from set up through clean up, therefore you may contract as much time as you need, based on availability.

This is specific to each wedding based upon what is contracted. Please confirm with venue staff. Visit here to learn more about our Farmhouse rental.

Yes, there is ample, paved parking for all of your guests and vendors.

We are a year-round facility, therefore all buildings temperature controlled.

If you have an event with us, you may take photos on site within your contracted booking time. If you do not have an event with us, we have a photo site fee. Please speak with venue staff for details.

All buildings on site are handicap accessible. We have a portable ramp for entrance into our Barn, and all other building are on ground level.

There is a set of restrooms inside the Pavilion for all events in that space. There is a second set in a building next to the office, which service events in the Coop and Barn. It is just a few steps from both of those event spaces. All restrooms are temperature controlled.