Do People Still Do Family Reunions?

grandparents and grand kids celebrating a reunion together

What comes to mind when you think of a family reunion? A sprawling picnic tablecloth laden with potato salad, a gaggle of kids chasing each other under a cloudless blue sky, and clusters of relatives catching up on family gossip…is the family reunion fading into a sepia-toned memory? In a world of instant messaging and virtual meetings, where physical distance seems less relevant than ever, are these gatherings of extended kin merely relics of a bygone era, or are family reunions still a thing?

Are Family Reunions Still Relevant?

Yes, family reunions are still very much alive and kicking. A 2018 survey showed that 68% of Americans have attended a family reunion, and 28% report holding them annually. Especially in cultures where family ties hold even stronger significance, these gatherings remain vibrant cornerstones of community and identity. So, why do we still gather? The answer probably lies in the deeper meaning that transcends the barbecue smoke and family genealogy tree charts. 

Here are some thoughts on what keeps the tradition alive:

  • Roots and belonging: Reunions offer a tangible connection to our past, reminding us where we come from and solidifying our sense of belonging to something larger than ourselves. Sharing stories, traditions, and jokes with relatives strengthens the fabric of family history and identity.
  • Rekindling bonds: In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to lose touch with extended family. Reunions provide a dedicated space to reconnect, mend old wounds, and forge new bonds. Seeing cousins you haven’t seen in years, catching up with aunts and uncles, and witnessing the next generation blossom, these interactions create lasting memories and strengthen family ties.
  • Celebrating togetherness: Reunions are a joyous celebration of family in all its messy, hilarious, and heartwarming glory. Sharing laughter, tears, and inside jokes strengthens the sense of community and belonging. These gatherings remind us that no matter how scattered we become, the family bond remains an anchor.

While family reunions are still happening, the “how” has certainly evolved. Today’s reunions are adapting to our changing times. The traditional week-long extravaganzas at rented halls are being replaced by shorter, more manageable weekend getaways or even day trips. Social media groups have made coordination a breeze, while platforms like Zoom have opened up virtual doors for those unable to travel. Families are getting creative, incorporating scavenger hunts, talent shows, or themed potlucks to keep the energy fresh and cater to diverse multi-generational interests.

The Future of Family Reunions, More Than Just a Potato Salad

As long as the human desire for connection and belonging persists, these gatherings will continue to find new forms and expressions. Family reunions are still relevant, but they’ve undergone an evolution. Gone are the days of rigid, week-long extravaganzas at rented halls. Today’s families are opting for shorter, more manageable gatherings. Think weekend getaways to cozy cabins or day trips to local museums. These bite-sized reunions are easier to organize, budget for, and attend, especially in our age of packed schedules and scattered geographies.

Technology has also become a special ingredient. Social media groups buzz with reunion planning, while platforms like Zoom open virtual doors for those who can’t make the physical journey. This digital bridge ensures no one gets left out, whether they’re across the state or across the globe. Perhaps future reunions will involve virtual reality tours of ancestral homes or collaborative family history projects on interactive platforms, but at their core, they will always be about cherishing the ties that bind us, honoring our roots, and creating shared memories that last a lifetime

No matter how many miles you have to fly, or days you have to take off from work, or reply-all email chains you have to stay on top of to make your get-togethers happen, it’s worth it. Reunions can take place anywhere, whether that’s a family member’s grassy backyard or an Airbnb in the middle of nowhere. Reunions are a testament to the enduring power of family, reminding us that we are not alone in this journey of life. 

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