DIY Wedding Table Numbers

quirky wedding table numbers features gold dinosaurs

Wedding table numbers might seem like a small detail, but they play a big role in guiding your guests to their table and adding a touch of personalization to your reception decor. Forget pricey pre-made options, do-it-yourself wedding table numbers allow you to unleash your creativity, perfectly match your wedding theme, and create a unique element that reflects your style. Here are some inspiring ideas to get you started.

Tips for Designing Wedding Table Numbers 

Table numbers help guests find their assigned seats efficiently, especially if you have multiple spaces like an outdoor wedding with an indoor dinner. These numbers also allow the catering staff to serve meals in a coordinated manner, ensuring they can easily deliver dishes to the right tables which is especially important if you have guests with dietary restrictions. Sequential numbers is the most common method to organize your tables, but also consider creative options like dates, quotes, songs or personalized photos.  

Incorporate elements that reflect your personality or love story. For example, table numbers named after places you’ve traveled together or significant dates add a special touch. Can your table numbers also double as guest favors? Fill mason jars with candy or small succulents, or use miniature potted herbs for a practical and charming keepsake.Crafting is definitely more fun with friends! Throw a DIY party with your bridesmaids or enlist the help of crafty family members for an assembly line approach.

  • Choose the right size: Make sure your table numbers are large enough for guests to see easily from a distance.
  • Consider visibility: Think about the placement of your table numbers. They should be clearly visible from the entrance and aisle of your reception venue.

Before you break out the hot glue gun, decide what type of table organizational system you want to use, then choose a style that complements your theme. Elegant calligraphy, playful fonts, or quirky, funky objects with numbers can add a unique touch. Don’t underestimate the power of creative stands; picture frames, wooden blocks, or even painted wine corks can also elevate your table numbers and add visual interest. Choose materials that suit your crafting skills and budget such as wood slices, mason jars, up-cycled, vintage or inherited finds. 

DIY Wedding Table Numbers That Wow

The key to successful homemade wedding table numbers is to choose a project that aligns with your crafting skills and the overall theme of your wedding. Here are some ideas to help you start brainstorming. 

Rustic Elegance with Natural Elements:

  • Wood Slice Wonders: For a natural and rustic feel, use wood slices as your base. Stain them, paint them, or leave them natural. Write the table numbers with a paint pen, wood burner, or stencil and embellish with twine, dried flowers, or mini pinecones.
  • Mason Jar Magic: Mason jars are a classic DIY wedding favorite. Fill them with colorful sand, pebbles, or even small flowers. Write the table number on a tag, sticker, or directly on the jar with paint.
  • Burlap Beauties: Cut burlap squares or circles and adhere them to cardboard cutouts for a textured base. Use stencils or stamps to create vintage-inspired lettering for the table numbers. Punch holes in the corners and tie with twine for a rustic touch.

Modern Minimalism:

  • Geometric Gems: Cut out cardboard squares, triangles, or hexagons and paint them in metallic or pastel colors. Use stencils or vinyl lettering for clean lines and a modern look.
  • Acrylic Elegance: Write the table numbers directly on acrylic sheets with a paint pen or use vinyl lettering. These can be displayed on stands or hung with wire.
  • Marble Marvels: For a touch of modern luxury, use pre-cut marble tiles as your base. Etch the table numbers using a craft kit or adhere vinyl lettering for a polished look. 

If your wedding has a whimsical theme, use miniature wooden houses or birdhouses as your table number holders. Paint them in bright colors and add moss or miniature flowers for a charming touch. For a nautical-themed wedding, use glass bottles or seashells as your base then fill the bottles with sand or small pebbles and write the table numbers on tags or paint them directly on the glass. Travel theme? Use vintage suitcases or miniature globes as your table number holders and personalize them with paint, stickers, or maps to match your destinations.

With a little creativity and these DIY ideas as inspiration, you can create beautiful and personalized table numbers that add a special touch to your wedding reception. We’d love to help you plan your wedding day at Historic Acres of Hershey. Our beautiful property boasts multiple beautiful spaces. Give us a call at 717-298-6340 to learn more or contact us