Planning Tips: How to Find a Venue for an Event

Whether you’re throwing an anniversary party, a baby shower, graduation, birthday party, or wedding, there are a few things you need to consider. Just getting started? Our event planning tips will guide you through the process of how to find a venue for an event that is perfect for your group. 

At Historic Acres of Hershey, our event spaces offer accommodations for intimate gatherings and large-scale events. We offer customized packages, access to local attractions, wifi, handicap accessibility, and nearby hotels for guests. Get started planning your event by contacting our team to schedule a tour or receive more information.

If you’re still searching for the perfect venue, browse through our recommendations and things to consider while you’re looking. 

How to Find a Venue for An Event: 6 Considerations

Guest list: Have a general estimate of how many people you can expect for your event prior to finding your venue. With an estimate in mind, you can view spaces that will accommodate your group appropriately. 

Amenities: Does your venue need to be handicap accessible? Is it for a corporate event so wifi access is needed? Do you need a space with an onsite hotel? Consider your must-haves and nice-to-have amenities while researching your venue. 

Aesthetic: Are you looking for sleek and modern, charming and rustic, or classic and simple? Knowing your aesthetic will help you determine the venue that will lend itself to your ideal photography and match decorations. 

Location: Do you want a venue in a city or in the countryside? Determine the location of the venue by considering your guests and where they are coming from, as well as local accommodations and travel options if they are going to be visiting for the event. 

Setting: When choosing the ideal setting for your event, consider the layout of the space and whether it will be inside or outside. We offer three event spaces on our property for formal and casual events with flexible options based on weather conditions and needs.   

Date: While you don’t have to decide on an exact date, it’s helpful to have a general idea of the time of year or month for your event. This will also help you decide whether your event will be indoors or outdoors. 

Our Spaces for Your Events in Hershey PA

Our party venues in Hershey PA at Historic Acres suit groups small and large, and we have a large network of local vendors and recommendations and desirable amenities available onsite. Choose between The Coop (up to 54 guests), the Pavilion (up to 250 guests), or the fire pit (up to 50 guests) for your next event in Hershey PA.

Additionally, our private farm house for rent can accommodate groups of up to 9 for a special event or occasion. Located within reach of area attractions and restaurants, our farm house offers a private and serene setting amid 7.5 acres. Historic Acres of Hershey farm house for rent features 4 bedrooms, outdoor entertaining space, a fireplace, full kitchen, and more. Enjoy sprawling views of the pond and stunning surroundings.

8 Beautiful and Simple DIY Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

If you’re considering DIY wedding decorations, your centerpieces are a great place to start. Wedding centerpieces can get quite costly, especially for larger weddings, and there are endless options for simple designs that you can put together prior to your event. From dried flowers and herbs to textured tile, DIY wedding centerpiece ideas can truly shine without breaking the bank. Explore a few of our favorite options to add a personal flair to your wedding decor. 

DIY Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Dried Flower Arrangements

Dried flowers are inexpensive and easy to put together prior to the big day. Create large displays or simple arrangements with incredible texture and vibrant colors simply by using dried flowers. This type of DIY wedding centerpiece can work with modern, farmhouse, and rustic styles, among others. Without the need for water, these floral arrangements are easy to transport as well. 

Glass Terrariums 

Include moss and simple greenery in glass terrariums for a romantic centerpiece with tons of texture. This modern and stunning option can include a variety of plants and flowers, depending on your style and aesthetic. Plus, terrariums come in all sizes and shapes.


Modern, fragrant, and beautiful, eucalyptus is an ideal centerpiece option for weddings. There are several types of eucalyptus, so you can opt for a dramatic branch-like plant or a subtle bundle that works well along the base of a glass candle. 

Botanical Drawings

Who needs real floral arrangements? Print botanical drawings or artwork and display them on each table. These can act as your table numbers as well as the centerpiece decoration. You can also think outside of the box here and include other natural elements like butterflies, bumblebees, and leaves. 

Dwarf Trees and Plants

Ever thought of using trees as your centerpieces? Dwarf trees, potted herbs, and small plants deliver a natural element to each table and are truly unique. Bring them home afterward to plant in your garden or encourage guests to take them as gifts. 

Wildflowers in Mason Jars

Enlist a family member or friend to collect wildflowers from the local grocery store, farmers market, or even someone’s backyard. Wildflowers are beautiful and simple, offering a playful detail to your tables. Choose a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, or pick specific flowers that match your palette. Plus, if you have a summer or fall wedding, you can plant wildflowers in your backyard for just dollars.

Votive Candles and Ceramic Tiles

If you’re looking for an inventive way to add color and texture to your centerpieces, consider setting votive candles on ceramic or mosaic tiles. You can typically buy tiles in bulk in the same pattern or complementary styles in virtually any color you’d like. After the wedding, create wall art with the tiles as a memento. 

Lavender Bunches 

Set a relaxing tone with stunning and fragrant lavender as your centerpieces. Visit a local lavender farm or buy bunches from a grocery store or farmers market, and then use small vases to display them on each table. Lavender is stunning fresh or dried without changing its appearance, so you can easily put these together prior to your wedding day.

Plan Your the Perfect DIY Wedding at Historic Acres of Hershey

If you’re searching for wedding venues in Hershey PA, Historic Acres offers a serene setting any time of the year. Contact our team for assistance in planning your event with us and to learn more about our wedding packages.