Can You Throw a Grown Up Birthday Party?

group of adults celebrating a birthday with chocolate cake and balloons

Birthday parties aren’t just for kids! Adults can and should have birthday parties if they wish to celebrate in this way. Whether you’re someone who loves or loathes birthday cakes, candles and people singing your name, it’s hard to escape this tradition. Ever wonder how and where these birthday celebrations started? Still unsure if adults really should celebrate? Let’s explore. 

A Brief History of Birthdays

While many cultures developed birthday celebrations, the Egyptians were the first. When Egyptian pharaohs were crowned gods, they were “birthed”, meaning the first birthday celebration marked the birth of a god. Pagans believed a person was especially susceptible to the spirit world and spells of good and evil during their birthday. The idea of spirits was also a focal point for the Greeks who believed everyone had a protective spirit or demon present at their birth that continued to watch over them during their lifetime. Over time, some of these traditions morphed into the birthday celebrations we know and love.

Today, many people celebrate birthdays in similar ways with cake, noisemakers and candles, but how did these forms of celebrations arise? Germans started the tradition of Kinderfeste during the end of the 18th century. This celebration involved placing one candle for each year of life, and the birthday child would blow them out while making a wish. The original intent for noisemakers was to ward off evil spirits from the birthday person, and in 1893, a kindergarten teacher named Mildred Hill composed a tune called Good Morning to All to greet her class and children began replacing the words with “Happy Birthday” so they could sing their song at parties. 

People all over the world get excited about birthdays and many cultures have their own unique ways of celebrating. In Brazil, family members and friends pull on a child’s ear for each year of their life. In areas of Canada, the birthday person’s nose is smeared with butter to keep away bad luck. A traditional Chinese birthday celebration starts with eating longevity noodles, one really long noodle that fills the bowl on its own and symbolizes a long and prosperous life. In Ireland, you’ll encounter “bump to grow an inch” where someone flips you upside down and bumps the top of your head for each year, plus one for good luck. In traditional Vietnamese culture, everyone celebrates their birthday on the same day known as Tet, which is the first day of the year.

Should Adults Have Birthday Parties? 

Whether you love celebrating your birthday every year or dread the reminder of turning a year older, birthdays are often a rare occasion to gather your friends and family all in one place. Adulting is hard and sometimes we lose touch, so throwing a birthday party offers an opportunity for grownups to get together with friends and family they might not see regularly, and spending quality time together can strengthen relationships. Just like children, adults can also find joy, excitement and fun in celebrating their birthdays with a party. It’s a chance to let loose and have a good time.

Birthdays can be seen as significant milestones in a person’s life, and they can provide an excellent reason to celebrate personal growth, accomplishments, and another year of life. Planning a birthday party can also serve as a break from the routines of daily life, and allows the birthday person to relax and enjoy themselves without their usual responsibilities. Taking the time to plan and enjoy a birthday party can be a form of self-care as it allows the person to prioritize their happiness and well-being.

For some people, celebrating birthdays with parties is a long-standing tradition or a way to honor cultural or family customs. Birthday parties at any age can lead to memorable moments and experiences that can be cherished for years to come. Some adults may prefer quieter celebrations or may not feel the need to mark the occasion with a big event. Ultimately, whether or not to have a birthday party as an adult is a matter of personal choice, and there’s no right or wrong way to celebrate your birthday. 

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