Ideas for a Rustic Winter Wedding

A rustic style wedding embraces a natural, charming, and often nostalgic aesthetic inspired by countryside or rural settings. This theme is a bit rough around the edges, and is characterized

How to Host a Holiday Party

Is it your turn to host a holiday party? Be it with family, friends, co-workers or classmates, you want to create a fun gathering and long-lasting memories, but where do

Winter Wedding Flower Inspiration

Choosing wedding flowers that naturally grow around the time of your ceremony is one of the best ways to ensure your arrangements look fresh and match the seasonal aesthetic of

Festive Holiday Party Ideas

Hosting a holiday party is one of the best traditions because it lets you celebrate the season with family, friends, coworkers, etc. If  you’re at a loss for a theme

Fall Wedding Inspiration

Weddings are beautiful any time of year, but there’s something extra magical and romantic about celebrating in autumn amidst changing leaves and cooler temperatures. The fall wedding season ranges from

Wedding Decorations for a Small Budget

From elaborate archways, drapery and floral arrangements to balloons, greenery and candles, there are endless ways to decorate for your wedding ceremony. Although there are countless options for decor, you

How to Decorate a Barn Wedding Venue

Rustic weddings are typically held in venues that reflect a rural or countryside vibe, like barns, farms, vineyards, gardens, orchards, ranches, or outdoor settings like fields or forests. When it

Woman with wedding invitation at home, closeup

How to Create a Wedding Guest List

Creating a wedding guest list can be a complex task because it involves balancing many different factors including your budget, venue capacity, and personal relationships. You and your future spouse

How to Decorate for Graduation Party

After years of academic work, a graduating student deserves a festive send-off to prepare for life’s next big step. Whether your loved one is graduating from high school or college,

candles and flowers on wedding table

How to Use Candles for Wedding Decor

Candles add a beautiful glow and romantic aesthetic to any wedding, and nowadays, they are conveniently available in flameless LED and battery-powered options. They are versatile and can be used