Alternative Wedding Dress Ideas

If you’re a non-traditional bride looking for ways to switch it up, alternative wedding dress ideas are a perfect solution. While some girls grow up dreaming of a beautiful white wedding dress, others may prefer to showcase their personalities with a bit more flair. 

There are several options for brides seeking an alternative to wedding dresses. From jumpsuits to brightly colored attire, there are truly no limits to how the bride dresses on her special day.

4 Alternative Wedding Dress Ideas

Ultimately, brides should choose the wedding dress that makes them most comfortable while feeling beautiful. Each bride has their own idea of what that means. Here are a few alternative wedding dress ideas to consider.


Not really into dresses? Jumpsuits are an ultra-modern alternative for brides who don’t like to wear dresses. You can find bridal jumpsuits in all types of fabric like satin, lace, or tulle. Elegant jumpsuits offer extra comfort and style for both casual and formal affairs. Jumpsuits are also great for brides who want to do an outfit change for the reception. 

Cocktail dress

Brides who want to be casual and fun may want to consider a cocktail dress rather than a gown. Cocktail dresses are especially great for summer weddings. A cocktail dress is another consideration for weddings that don’t have a traditional dinner. 

Bright and colorful

Why just wear white? Brides can think outside of the traditional color scheme and opt for a vibrantly colored dress. This is a great alternative for creative brides who want a cheerful event! Bright colors look stunning in photos, but be sure to consider the overall color scheme of the event. It can be easy to overload on the colors, so think about neutral decor to balance it out.

Vintage dress

A vintage dress is not only a fashion-forward option, it’s also sustainable and budget-friendly. You can choose to wear a dress that has been passed down in your family, or buy a vintage dress specifically for the occasion. Check out a few different stores and keep in mind that you may have to get it altered. Vintage wedding dresses can make for stunning photos, too!

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