6 Wedding Photo Ideas and Tips

Wedding photos are the perfect way to capture your special day for lifelong memories of the event and those who shared in the celebration. During the planning phase of your wedding, you’ll have some time to think about how you want to capture the occasion. If you’re looking for a little inspiration or a few tips, consider our wedding photo ideas to get the wheels turning.

Wedding Photo Ideas

Collect Your Wedding Photo Ideas Prior to the Event

Before your big day, you’ll likely connect with your photographer to share ideas for photos, specific locations throughout the property, and any must-have photos with specific individuals. Create a list where you can compile all of your ideas based on any inspiration you find. 

Consider taking photos in a few different locations, including where you and your soon-to-be-spouse are getting ready before the event, any destinations where you’d like to take photos, and any sites on the property. Also, you’ll want to include the people who should be in each photo. 

Getting Ready

Be sure to capture the moments where you both are getting ready for the big day. From hair and makeup to any pre-event festivities, this is a great way to savor the memories with your closest friends and family before the hustle of the day gets started. 

Accessories and Clothing

With so many intricate details, it’s important you don’t forget to capture them on your big day. Your photographer will likely already know to snap photos of your rings, wedding dress, and shoes. However, if there are any special pieces of jewelry or accessories, be sure that you call them out to your photographer. 

Venue and Decor

The venue and decor of your wedding can be incredibly meaningful, so it’s important to capture those details to remember your day’s setting forever. From the exterior of the venue to the table settings, ensure your photographer captures any of your favorite details of the venue and decorations.

Reception Moments

Your first dance, speeches, entrances, cake cutting, and any other special reception moments should be captured. These are great moments to capture because they are typically candid and show the true joy of the day. 

Group Photos

Consider photos of close friends, family members, parents, grandparents, nieces and nephews, extended family, and beyond. Make sure to let your photographer know what kinds of photos you’d like, as well as those you’d like to be included in your photos!

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