5 Wedding Table Number Ideas

Are you planning the decor for your wedding centerpieces? In addition to your flowers, candles, or greenery, you’ll want to include the table number to direct your guests where to sit. There are ways to create unique and fun table numbers, as well as simple and easy options to choose. Here are a few of our favorite wedding table number ideas.

Wedding Table Number Ideas

Personalized Photos

Choose photos of you and your soon-to-be-spouse for each table number. Using a simple design tool, create a template that will include each table number in a stylish font and a photo from your relationship or childhood. Then, frame each print out for a cute and personalized touch to your centerpieces.

Framed Numbered Prints

Framed numbered prints are a classic and simple way to display table numbers. You can get creative and buy a variety of frame styles at vintage stores and resale shops, or keep it simple and buy all the same frames. You can personalize it by choosing a font that suits your overall aesthetic. 

Painted Wood

For a rustic wedding, painted wood blocks or branches can be a unique way to pull in a natural element to your centerpieces. Get a number stencil to paint on each piece of wood to make it easy!

Beer Growlers or Wine Bottles

Are you both beer lovers or wine aficionados? Collect empty beer growlers from your favorite breweries or your favorite wine bottles to use as table settings. You have a few options for how to display your table numbers. You can paint them on the bottles, use stickers or fabric, or get wire bottle toppers. 

Small Notebook

Get small black notebooks and use white paint or markers to write each table number on the cover. On each table, write down instructions for your guests to share their thoughts, love, and advice with the happy couple to be read on their first wedding anniversary. 

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