5 Wedding Decorations on a Budget

Looking for wedding decorations on a budget? You’re in luck. There are many ways to reduce the cost of decorations without sacrificing the beauty of your event. We all know weddings can get pricey quickly, but there are options to save when it comes to decorations. You can get crafty, shop for vintage, and reuse decorations from other events. Get creative and have fun with your wedding decorations on a budget!

Wedding Decorations on a Budget

Search for Vintage

Go on a hunt for vintage decor to save money and reduce waste at your wedding. When choosing vintage decor for your wedding, have a general idea of what you’re looking for but keep an open mind for anything that suits your style and taste. With vintage, it’s easy to have mismatched items and eclectic decor. Some towns and cities host swap and sell events for wedding decor as well, so keep an eye out for a market like that in your area. 

Get Crafty with DIY Projects

If you’re crafty, wedding decorations are a perfect way to get out some creative juices. DIY projects can save you big when it comes to centerpieces and large displays. Give yourself plenty of time to research and put together your DIY wedding projects so you aren’t down to the wire getting a craft thrown together. This is a great opportunity to enlist the bridal party or family members to help. 

Use Your Location

Historic Acres of Hershey sits along beautiful rolling hills surrounded by lush foliage. The property includes beautifully manicured landscaping and natural greenery that will stand out in photos and serve as a perfect backdrop for your special day. No matter the season, Historic Acres of Hershey offers a gorgeous setting.

Skip the Flower Arrangements

Flowers are gorgeous, but they can get pricey very quickly. If you’re looking for wedding decorations on a budget, you’ll want to skip the floral arrangements. You can add pops of color with dried flowers, herbs, or even paper flowers throughout the venue. 

Reuse Decor

If you have some decor from your engagement party, bridal shower, or a family member or friend’s wedding, consider reusing if you can. Reusing decor is another great way to reduce overall waste at your wedding while saving money. You can always tweak or modify the decor to fit into your style or color palette. 

Plan Your Wedding at Historic Acres

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