2023 Wedding Trends: What to Expect Next Year

two men holding bouquet

Whether you have your wedding booked already or you’re in the beginning stages of planning, it’s always fun to stay on top of the next year’s trends. From petite bouquets to candid photos to potted plants, there are so many ways to personalize your wedding these days. With the new year just ahead of us, we wanted to share some of the top 2023 wedding trends that are expected to get more popular for engaged couples.

6 Favorite 2023 Wedding Trends

Small Bouquets

Long gone are the statement bouquets! OK probably not long gone, but couples are opting for petite and understated bouquets for their big day. Think wildflowers, lavender, and other dainty blooms that are more subtle and soft. 

Subdued Hair Styles

A natural and subtle hairstyle is a great option for brides who want to truly feel like themselves on their special day. Depending on how you wear your hair normally, fancy updos and loads of hairspray can make you feel not like yourself. Have no fear, you can look gorgeous with a more natural and low-key hair-do!

Candid Wedding Photos

The still group shots are fun memories of those who mean the most to you, but some can feel a bit staged and stuffy. Candid, natural, and authentic photographs are becoming more and more popular as people aim to capture the true essence of their special day and wedding party. 

Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

Mismatched bridesmaids dresses are a fun way to add different colors and textures into your wedding party style. Plus, your bridesmaids are then able to find the perfect dress that suits their body type and style. Offer a theme or color palette to guide bridesmaids to find a mismatched dress that works for everyone.

Potted Plants as Decor

Weddings are always adorned with beautiful bouquets of flowers, however, in recent years more couples are opting for lush greenery to decorate. One trend that may gain steam in the new year is the use of potted plants instead of flowers. From wedding guest gifts to centerpieces to table decor, expect to see more potted plants at wedding events.

Couples Getting Ready Together

For some couples, getting ready together before the big day is a nice way to have private moments with each other before the craziness of the day begins. This gives couples an opportunity to share private vows, connect with one another, and chat through any final details of the big day. It goes by so fast! If you still want an element of surprise, part ways just before getting into the evening’s attire and plan a first look photo opportunity.

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